Charlia Collum finds Butte Artifacts

by: Belinda Brooks

NEWS FLASH!!!!! LATEST COLLUM TEMPLE MOUND ARTIFACT FIND…. Charlia Collum visited the mound today after she noticed that the rain waters had collasped part of the mound. She found a couple of arrowheads and then found something that she thought was some type of PVC pipe. She started to throw it away when Rodger noticed what she was doing and stopped her. Sure enough, it was a KAOLIN CLAY PIPE.

Charlia is determined to make sure that we do not lose any of our artifacts.

(Note: For me what this proves is that our mound is far more than an ancient mound. This proves that Europeans have visited our ancestors here on Butte land.) bb

The stem of a kaolin clay pipe can be seen sticking up from the dirt. Charlia thought that the pipe was actually a piece of PVC pipe and was going to throw it away until Rodger realized what she was doing and stopped her.

Jim Maus Artifacts

A selection from the vast collection of Jim Maus

So what are kaolin clay pipes?


About five hundred years ago, when the Europeans began exploring the Americas, (or as they were called at that time – the New World), they found the indigenous people smoking tobacco leaves in their ceramic and stone pipes. When these early adventurers returned to Europe, they took both tobacco and the smoking instruments to show their fellow countrymen. Those inventive people decided they could make smoking devices for their personal use, which they did, and later made more to send back to the New World for trade and to sell. These were kaolin clay pipes of early America. Read the rest of this article here: