Butte Tribe Flag

by: Belinda Brooks

It’s OFFICIAL!!! Take a look at the Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux’s Flag. (designed by Brad Desadier)

The Story of Our Flag: The black bear in the center is the totem of our tribe. The graphics inside his body tells the story of Butte Hill, the largest mound in Natchitoches Parish which had been kept secret by the Butte Indian guardian of the mounds for the past 200 years. The guardian represents the leader of our tribe for each generation. The bayou is included in the diagram with the Louisiana crain standing by the cypress tree and the Butte eagle in flight. The last ancestors to be buried on Butte Hill, White Smoke & Two Moons, are represented by the signs on the bears rump: the cross with smoke and the two circles. The shape of our state, Louisiana, is drawn near the rump of the bear. 
Red represents our mixed blood ties to the Chitimacha, Caddo and Mission Indians which combined together to make one strong, bold red bloodline, the Butte Indians. Blue is the water that flows through our land and gives life to all nature that touches it. Gold represents the wealth of our family ties that has been passed down from generation to generation. bb

Butte Indian Cultural Day

By: Belinda Brooks

Saturday, July 20th, Butte Indians gathered at Council Chief Brad Desadier’s home outside of Montgomery, LA, in Natchitoches Parish to hold their 2019 Summer Cultural Day. Members enjoyed creating Native American crafts and learning of historical Native American tradition. Houma Indians, Bryant Billoxi, his mother, Melanie, and son, Payton, attended the event as guests speakers and teachers. Much thanks and appreciation go out to them for their guidance and instruction. Special thanks to the Bonnett family from Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, LA, for their donations of food, time and efforts. Additionally, coordinators of the event, the Bane family (Richard, Linda, Merissa) are to be commended for the many hours of preparation to make the day such a success. Thanks, Richard, for taking charge of the delicious hot dog lunch! Thanks to Brad Desadier for the great venue and all the work that went into it to prepare for our guests. And, thanks to all the workers and family who attended! It was a great day!!! bb

Butte Indians Prep for Cultural Day

by: Belinda Brooks

Pictured: Eugene Jones, Kimberly Marine & John Hall, Bobby Desadier, Tonya Frederick, Keith Hernandez, Brad Desadier & Casey Jones.

A group of faithful Butte Indians met today at the home of Brad Desadier in preparation of next’s weeks first tribal cultural day event. Scheduled activities are Native American crafts and dance, nature walks, hut building, games and hot dog lunch served on grounds. Visiting guests will be Bryant Billiot’s Native American Cultural Group from South Louisiana.

All Butte Indian families are invited to attend. No charge for entry. Bring folding chairs and coolers with drinks if you like. Children will be served hot dogs for lunch. You are welcomed to bring your own food items should you want something other than hot dogs. We have grills and several families will be camping out on Friday night before the event starts on Saturday.

Location of event: 4073 Harrisonburg Rd., Montgomery, LA 71454

Date: Saturday, July 20th, 2019 – 10AM-4PM

Butte Tribe Welcomes Clay Mayeaux…

Butte Tribe welcomes Clay Mayeaux of Mayeaux Steak & Seafood to the Butte Tribe Family! Clay recently found his documented Native American bloodlines that link to the Butte Tribe. As a supporter of Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux, Chief Rodger Collum encourages all members to go by and welcome Clay to the tribe. bb