Butte Tribe Family –

Mission Statement

We, the tribal members gather with the leader and council of the Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux to embody the universal mission of all indigenous people and honor our forefathers.

We are called to protect our indigenous way of life that is vital to our existence. We will respect, protect and nurture our environment, land and waterways. As a tribe we will continue to be a positive factor and influence in our community while staying true to our heritage.

We are challenged to pass to our youth the same survival skills, knowledge and history as it was passed to us by our elders for generations.

Vision Statement

Our vision for future generations:

      • Teach planting and harvesting by the moon cycle
      • Reveal ancient knowledge of natural remedies and medicinal properties
      • Instill knowledge that has been passed down by the elders
      • Respect and care for our elders and by doing, learning to respect ourselves as an essential part of the universe.

To ensure that honorable leaders, teachers and protectors arise from the mist of our tribe to lead and guide in ways of our elders, by being the action, legacy and voice of our past, present and future.

Our vision is to preserve our heritage, educate future generations, and honor our ancestors by continuing the Butte Tribe culture and traditions for many generations to come.