Butte Tribe Raises Territorial Marker

By Joshua L. Johnson, BTBB Reporter

Marking the location of the Louisiana historical territory of the Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux (BTBB) ancestors is the purpose for the new sign that has been placed at the intersection of LA Hwy 84 & 1226 at Trichell Community in Natchitoches Parish. For the past 200 plus years, this location has seen Butte descendants pass through its portals. Hundreds of these descendants remain residents of this community today.

The sign designed by Vice-Chief Belinda Brooks features Butte’s tribal totem, the black bear, Kojak; the Butte tribe’s seal; and, the name of the current Butte chief since the early 1970’s, Chief Rodger Collum. A very special thank you goes out to Chief Rodger Collum who coordinated this project in such a timely manner. Assisting him with the erection of the sign was Mike Carter, Keith Hernandez and April Womack. Their volunteer time and efforts to this project are greatly appreciated. This sign represents an important stepping stone for BTBB as well as the Bayou Bourbeaux community whose love for this tribal land is unquestionable.