2019 Fall Gathering of the Butte Clans

by: Belinda Brooks

Saturday, September 28th, Pace Community Center, was the gathering place for approximately 200 Butte Indians who met to celebrate the importance family connections. The family was entertained by the Butte Drum & Singers and the Chief’s stud horse, Rock. After a Pot Luck lunch, those who wished to traveled to Butte Hill to pay homage to the burial ground of their ancestors, Chief White Smoke and his wife, Two Moons. Chief Rodger Collum stood at the head of the burial stones and told the story that was related to him many years ago at the feet of his grandparents about his ancestor, the Great Chief White Smoke.

Chief Collum telling the story of the Great Chief White Smoke.
Butte Indians gather on Butte Hill to pay tribute to ancestors.
Chief Collum on ROCK doing his rain dance.
Butte Drum & Singers